Saturday, June 29, 2013

Crazy Summer for this Family and updates

   It has been a crazy Summer school break and really past year and a half. As you remember I asked for prayer for my son about a year ago. He is doing wonderful (Thank you Jesus), his problem is on the mends, he lives a state away now where he works and the best part is, the Lord Jesus found it fit to save his souls!!!! I stand in awe in the work that God has done in his life.
   As for my daughter she keeps us hopping with her interests. She is 13 and had her first vacation with another family, without out us. She is growing up way to fast! When she returns, which is today, we start many weeks of volleyball camps/clinics before school starts. It will only get busier!
   We have had three deaths in on my wife's side of the family since the first of the year, among other things! As for me, just trying to hold everything together and keep a trusting faithful eye on Jesus! Well the next two months will be very very busy indeed for this group. So be patient with me with my blog. If you have any questions that I may answer please email me at

God Bless you all,


  1. Praise the Lord! :) that is wonderful news about his salvation!!:)

    1. Yes it is! Sometimes when we look at the mess at hand, we don't realize the Message that God has in store!