Friday, January 6, 2012

Hello to all!

    I just wanted to start a Gardeners Blog to share some of my Ideas and experiments. I was raised on a farm and live in the city now. I was missing the farm and I knew that we could never afford a large farm again. So I thought "Why can't I farm the little plot of land God gave me in the city as much as I can".  Well last year I started a little raised garden and now I am going to expand it and in doing so I would like to share my experiences, ideas and disasters.
    One of the reasons I love to garden is because it is a time that I can spend with God and just have a quiet peaceful time. It also keeps me from going bonkers from all the hustle and bustle life throws our way. Some time's though it can get a little crazy when our new pup, that we got last year, tries to help me garden. Her name is Maple and she is a Springer Spaniel that likes to eat everything. I am sure you will get to know her and the rest of my friends and family as time goes on. My family and friends are all such blessings to me as well.
    I hope this will be a helpful and encouraging blog. There will be other things posted from time to time on other subjects (Biblical, encouragement, etc,)but I will always try to relate it to the Farming of  this little lot of land in the city! I hope you will enjoy and look forward to meeting new friends.

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