Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Repairing Mixer cord after Thanksgiving dinner mishap!

   Well, It happens to us all,right? When my wife and I fixed our Turkey in the roaster we sat it a little to close to the Kitchen Aid mixer, and well we melted the cord. So we (my wife) thought we would have to buy another mixer. I thought what the heck lets try to fix it and if I screw it up oh well. They cord its self was under $20.00 and the labor was free. Nothing should go wrong, right? Wrong! After we got the mixer totally apart we realized they sent us a cord with the wrong connectors on it. But that's okay, they took it back and we got another one. So, we had to put it back together and tape it up until the other one came. Hey, Christmas was coming and I wasn't mixing all those cookies and stuff by hand! Well it got here and if I can fix it anyone can, there isn't much to the inside of one of them anyway. Just be careful and remember how you took it apart. You can wire it up backwards, just saying!

Step 1: Take band off and top off. So that you have the inside exposed. It looks intimidating but its not, I promise!

Step 2 : Gear cover has to come off. It's the black thing on the front! It has grease in it be careful.

Step 3: Unplug connectors, Mark them so you will plug them back right. Remember what I said about wiring it ups backwards!

Step 4: Take out motor.Usually 4 screws hold it in!

Step 6: Take bottom of the housing off so you can get the cord out.You will see screws you have to remove!

Step 7: Fish the old wire out and the new one in.

Step 8: Reverse everything and put it back together. So I hope you can remember or you will be buying a new one. Once you get everything back on and top cover installed try it and see how you did.

Even with taking the pictures for this post it still only took me 45 minutes. Don't waist your money with having someone else do it or buying a new one!

Here is a link with replacement parts and schematics if you don't have your own.
There are many different mixer styles on the market but there are many different links and video's to help you do this simple task!


  1. I just had to comment on this! :-) My mixer (same one) quit a couple of years ago and we tried to get it fixed. $200 plus shipping just to "look under the hood". We thought about buying a new one for about 1/2 a second, and then started hunting down a part. We had figured out that the black plastic casing for the gear cover had cracked (your photo #2). For some reason that rendered it inoperable. Three companies refused to sell us the part for fear that we'd shock ourselves and they would get sued. Can you believe that?? We finally found a man in Utah who sold us the part for $24 shipped. And you know what? The new part was all metal - better than the original! We got an upgrade! This experience taught us a LOT about 1) making your own repairs in a society where few do so (all the instructions were on line), 2) the fact that they are making a lot of these parts with a short life span (ie:plastic instead of metal when it's not always the best choice), and 3) we've either become so sue happy that everyone is genuinely afraid to sell to others or there's a racket going on. I admit, we knew most of this before, but it really drove these points home for us.
    Good for you for fixing it yourself!!

    1. Thank you! Isn't that something, you are right must of this stuff we can fix, if we just try. I give my wife the credit for finding and ordering the parts. She is awesome! Hope to see you back, so we can all learn from each other!