Sunday, January 13, 2013

Change Ahead!

   In our garden or in our walk with Jesus, the growth in both always changes. Things get planted and sprout, they grow in an ever changing way. Things start to bloom and sometimes we have to prune the dead or bad stuff off. Eventually from those blooms fruit or veggies start to produce. Hopefully with both those that which is produced are very good to those who we share them with (our personal fruit and the veggies from our garden) and then they die. But from time to time we have to change both our garden and ourselves to better them. Either it's because of something we have learned about our garden (though research) or about ourselves through (God's Word), we are always in a state of change to make each perfect. But neither will ever be here in this life because of the outside nastiness that each face daily. We just have to trust God at His word that He will keep His many promises for both. I can grantee one thing, change will come, but it's what we keep focused on the  helps us make the right changing decisions in either place. I think you know what I mean?
  This was just a thought that I had to share as I introduces my new blog face lift. I hope your fruit is very good to those you share it with!

"Courage is the strength or choice to begin a change.  Determination is the persistence to continue that change."

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  1. Hi Clint
    Yes, we all experience change in many ways through this journey called living! I am entering a new era of change as I am now an empty nester! Wise words, dear one. Glad I paid you a visit from Joan's!

  2. I love the saying, "God loves me just the way I am, but loves me too much to keep me that way!" The change that God produces in our life is such a blessing! I am welcoming His hand on my life!

    Thanks for linking up with Sharing His Beauty!

    Blessings, Joan

  3. Your post was very inspirational to me today, as I ponder some changes in my future, too!

    1. God usually has the right thing for the right time!

  4. It will be interesting to see where this takes us.

    1. Just changing the blog face and food for thought!