Sunday, May 5, 2013

Around the Redeemed Garden in 2013! Part 2

  I told you I had more for you to see, lol! If you didn't get to see Part 1, there it is! So much to do and so little time but the rewards are well worth it all.

Solomon Seal peaking over the bench!

   These two pictures are of what we all call "The Secret Garden", it is where my daughter and her friend next door have sat and played for hours. Its a shared space and brings us closer with our neighbor. Years ago it was all grass and it a 11'x28' area. My wife and I made many trips to the rivers in the West Virginia area and collected each rock and hauled them back (lots of fun stories there). I hand dug all the grass up, pored all the sand to set rocks in,  painstakingly sat each rock by hand, pored pea gravel between the rocks and planted each shade loving plant. Lots of hard work but well worth the finished garden! And there is my little garden sidekick, Maple!

  Here are the new additions to the front gardens. On the left, we had to remove a storm damaged bush, so we replaced it with a male "China Boy" Holly. Yes, you do have to have a male and female bush of this verity to produce berries! We also planted another Dwarf Boxwood. Its a little empty looking now but it will fill in quickly. On the right, is our new "Flowering Purple Plumb", if you will remember we had a bad storm, called a "Derecho" hit us, and it took out one of my "Bradford Pears". We just replaced it and we think we will like this specimen much better! Read more on my thoughts of "Bradford Pears", in "Bradford Pears, You can Keep Them".

  I know this isn't part of the garden but she is such an obedient and loyal friend! This is a make shift bench beside my garden, I call it my prayer bench. When we go to it she knows not to cross the railroad ties for anything, she lays right there. As you can see, I have my coffee, read the scriptures, pray and listen to God's creation as the sun comes up or goes down as often as we can. We could all learn a lot from how unconditional a dog loves!
  I'm sure more will come as the season progress. Until next time, God Bless and happy gardening!

Psalm 12:10 "A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal."


  1. I love the stone hardscape with the softness of the plantings. I also have a faithful companion, Blue, that helps us in our garden. There is a time of the year when he is no longer allowed 'in general population' of the veggie garden, since the baby rabbits hide under the rhubarb and in the iris bed. I had two Springer Spaniels when I was a child. What a sweet creature...

  2. Such a lot of work, but such a lot of satisfaction to be had! Enjoyed the peek into your garden. :)

  3. Everything is so neat and beautiful! What a precious face your loyal friend has:0)

  4. Your garden is looking good and ready for the growing season!

  5. Awesome! And I love the scripture! Beautiful stone path and great bench!