Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Idea for Buttering Corn!

  Well, maybe not a new Idea for all of you but it was for use. We had corn a week ago and my wife pulls out the old red lunch caddies. In my Jethro Bodine puzzled look i said, "What are you doing with those." She told me she had a great way to butter corn." So, here we go, I guess, lol!
Step 1
Step 2

Step 3 Roll it around and Enjoy!

Well, I will have to say that it was a great way to butter your corn, just drop an ear in and spin it around. It wasn't messy, butter wasn't flowing all over the plate and I could keep the cob clean for reuse latter, lol! What?? We are all about re-purposing, aren't we? Well there is a tried and tested idea for you all to try out!

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  1. lol We used to just open up a stick of butter and roll our corn around on it! Now that I'm older I don't like the butter dripping down my face so I just put the butter on the side and put a little on each bite of corn I take! lol And yes, I'll have some corn with my butter! lol

  2. Very clever indeed. :) We save all our cobs! Excellent fire starter.

    I wanted to let you know that I still get the malware error message on my home computer and so haven't been by for many visits. I'm at the library now, and it had trouble loading you page too. Glad to see others are able to visit just fine.