Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pumpkins, Cinderella's Carriage!

   Yes that's right this is the first pumpkins I myself have ever grown! On the farm we did grow winter squash and gourds but we never to my knowledge grew a pumpkin that we would have used for anything else but eating! Well it all started last Halloween when my daughter, wife and I went pumpkin hunting! When I saw the prices had jump so much ($25.00), I told the girls' "WOW, we need to just grow our own". So when we prepped it for decorating, we saved some of the seeds! As you know I planted in my Hugelkulture bed or Click Here! They have done really well in the Raised Beds, and all I did with the vines was continually inter twine them in the walk ways. I pulled two yesterday to make some pies or I should say for Dana to make some pies, lol!
  The variety that we planted was "Cinderella", they are a unique French heirloom whose correct name is "Rouge vif D'Etampes". The source of their nickname it that they resemble the pumpkin that Cinderella's fairy godmother transformed into a carriage. This pumpkin is recorded as having been the variety cultivated by the Pilgrims and served at the second Thanksgiving dinner. This is our favorite pumpkin variety. There is something magical about them. Cinderellas make a delightful decorative accent for the fall season, but additionally their flavor is good for any pie or winter squash recipe.
  I would go through all the different things about pumpkins, such as, how to grow, store them, when to pick them, etc. but why do that when All about Pumpkins and Winter Squash has done that for us, lol! If you have any tips, advice on storage or anything else on pumpkins please leave a comment.

"Fruit-bearing is not a matter of being strong or weak, good or bad, brave or cowardly, clever or foolish, experienced or inexperienced. Whatever your gifts, accomplishments, or virtues, they cannot produce fruit if you are detached from Jesus Christ. Christians who think they are bearing fruit apart from the Vine are only tying on artificial fruit. They run around grunting and groaning to produce fruit but accomplish nothing. Fruit is borne not by trying, but by abiding." ~ John MacArthur
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  1. Beautiful! I have always wanted to grow a pumpkin but have never had any success. Yours look great!

  2. Very nice! I planted this variety but they didn't survive this year. They are my favorite variety too.

  3. I too am in WV. Howdy Neighbor!! LOL How are you able to harvest your pumpkins already?? Did you plant extra early or is it the variety you planted? I planted sugar pies & jack-o-lanterns (not susre of the specific names) but my are both still coming on the vine & growing. The bigger ones are just starting to turn orange. I have also heard to leave them on the ground until the vines die and/or after the first frost. Sorry to bog you down with questions, but this is my first year growing pumpkins. Also, mine will go in a separate space next year, they are choking out my cucumbers and atarting to stray into the squash. =)

    1. I am in the same boat this year with you! With all the gardening growing up we never grew these types of pumpkins! We always grew other types of gourds for pies, I don't know why? I did plant a little early and lots are still on the vine!