Sunday, March 10, 2013

First step To Sowing Seed Outside

  Knowing when to expect frost is a huge factor in figuring out what to plant and when to plant it. Use this frost chart as a guideline for planning your spring and fall gardens.
  The frost chart below is organized by USDA Hardiness Zone, but understand that these dates are approximated based on years of regional weather data. In most cases, the first and last frost will occur within two weeks of the date listed, but wacky weather patterns can result in a very early frost or late frost. Use the chart as a guide for planting, but count on your local weather forecast to plan frost protection measures. 
                                                    USDA Hardiness Zone

First Frost Date Last Frost Date
1 July 15th June 15th
2 August 15th May 15th
3 September 15th May 15th
4 September 15th May 15th
5 October 15th April 15th
6 October 15th April 15th
7 October 15th April 15th
8 November 15th March 15th
9 December 15th February 15th
10 December 15th January 31st (sometimes earlier)
11 No frost. No frost.


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  3. Thanks for sharing this. I usually start planting a little earlier than the last frost. At least I plant seeds a little early. I just try to see how cold it is. This year I don't think I can start early it's been so chilly.

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  5. Great graph - perfect place to start when you're getting ready to plant.